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Motherhood session at Scusset Beach in Sagamore, MA

Motherhood. When I think about how to describe this act, a lot of adjectives come to mind. Exhausting, trying, scary, fulfilling, emotional. As a photographer, always on the outside looking in, I love being able to see motherhood as beautiful. Having this perspective during my sessions gifts me the ability to see my own motherhood experience in this way. But y’all, I’m still a mom struggling to make it through each day without completely losing my mind! Beautiful is not how I am always describing my motherhood. That’s because I, like all of you, am right in the thick of it. It’s easy to take on a softer perspective when you’re on the outside looking in, and the lens is a pretty incredible thing; it allows me to show you the magic of your ordinary, and transform it into extraordinary moments! This motherhood session at Scusset Beach in Sagamore, MA is a perfect example.

These moments between this adorable mother and daughter are ordinary, everyday moments. But from where I’m standing I see a memory that’s going to carry these two through whatever life has in store. I see these moments helping this mama through times when she feels like she isn’t enough for her little girl. I see these moments framed in their home as a reminder of the gentleness of a mother’s love, and the magic of a simple trip to the beach.

Your motherhood moments are worth capturing

It’s so important for moms to get in the frame with their children. Even if it’s complete chaos at your session, it’s your beautiful chaos. It might seem like photos aren’t work taking if the moments aren’t perfect, but that just isn’t true! Calming your child down with a hug or softly singing their favorite song into their ear is a magical moment worth capturing. Running around, jumping up and down, or twirling in the breeze together so that your children can reset is a magical moment worth capturing. Whatever your motherhood looks like, I want to help you see it for what it really is. Beautiful.

Thanks for reading about this motherhood session at Scusset Beach in Sagammore, MA. Hoping to see you at your very own motherhood session soon!

with love from the lens,


  1. Sara says:

    Beautiful motherhood portraits.
    These are so special. I’m they will treasure these photos forever

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