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All of my life I chose fun over anything else. I wanted to be living my life in a way that sparked joy. I’m a little more tired now since becoming a mom (who isn’t, am I right?), but on the days I have the energy I try to incorporate as much fun into our lives as possible. Lucky for my clients, I hold the same value for my sessions! I’ve always preferred candid images over the traditional posed portraits, even before becoming a photographer. The beauty of lifestyle family photography is that you’re allowing for the freedom to let sessions play out naturally. The result? Images that capture joy and connection!

bringing lifestyle to life

I love running around with my families at the beach and splashing around in the waves. And, I love that that is pretty much the standard at my sessions. I strive for fun, remember? I find that the best way to help everyone let their guard down and loosen up is to encourage play, which happens to work in my favor stylistically. Movement is a big part of my style, as it lights everyone up inside; especially, the little ones. The more movement, the better! Don’t worry though, I make a point to snap a few frame-worthy portraits, too!

If you’re looking for photos that highlight your everyday moments, then a lifestyle family session is for you. There are moments when I’m with Mackenzie and I wish someone was following us around with a camera. I want to look back on memories of her running into my arms, or walking while holding my hand, or laughing and smiling while I twirl her around to the song “Ring around the Rosie”. It’s the little things I’m always trying to hold on to, as I’m sure proves true for most parents. That’s the beauty of lifestyle family photography; the little moments are always the main focus.

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  1. Vivian Ng says:

    I love the storytelling in these photos! Love the way you captured these moments!

  2. Sara says:

    I love this! Fun lifestyle sessions are the best.

  3. Kim Forbes says:

    These are such sweet and fun lifestyle images! I love the black and white on the beach! Beautiful job!

  4. Maria Keegan says:

    Such great little moments you captured for this cute family.

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