Successful family session with toddlers|Tips from your local cape cod photographer

Successful Family Session With Toddlers

Having a successful family session with toddlers can be tough. Like, really tough. Don’t worry though, it is possible! Something I tell all of my families at the beginning of the session, or in the planning process, is to lower expectations. Family sessions can be very unpredictable. I’ve found it’s best to let the kids set the tone for the session, and go from there.

Tip One:

Let your child get a feel for the setting. Maybe they need to run around a little bit, maybe they need to touch the surrounding landscape, maybe they need some time to take it all in. Let them. I’m not in a rush when I show up for a family session. I want all of us to walk away feeling great they we captured some special and fun moments.

Tip Two:

Don’t pay attention to me or the camera at first. Talk to your child. Sing to them (heck, I even sing to them when necessary). Play with them. We want them to loosen up and feel comfortable. I will be around capturing all of those candid moments. But if your child is afraid of the camera, I will step back and take some time to earn your child’s trust. I even let some of the kids help me take photos!

Tip Three:

Bring toys or snacks. Having their favorite things there with them helps a lot! And, if those snacks or toys happen to make in into some of the photos, they are a great reminder of the phase of life that you’re in. My husband and I recently did a family session, and our daughter’s unicorn made it into some of them and one of those is framed!

Tip Four:

Savor your session. The crying, the laughs, avoiding the camera. Savor it all. This is us, right?

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