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Lifestyle or Portrait style?

When planning for your newborn session, are you thinking lifestyle or portrait style? Because both capture such different perspectives, I like to include a little of each in my newborn sessions. Here’s how.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A lifestyle approach to newborn photography aims to focus on the “outside looking in” perspective of life at home with a newborn. It’s sweet and candid. Most importantly, for many of my families, it’s relaxed. Other than making outfit suggestions, tweaking the position of baby and parents, and choosing areas of the home with the best natural light, much of my role is to observe and capture. I’m looking for love and connection, while also highlighting those cute little baby features.

Portrait Style Newborn Photography

When it comes to newborn portraits, I believe there are two approaches to photographing them. The first approach focuses on perfect poses and a variety of props to showcase your newborn’s adorable features. The second approach, one that best fits my style of photography, focuses on baby-lead posing. I do bring some props to the session, such as blankets, wraps, accessories, and baskets; just enough to add a little texture. Have a certain look or special items you want to incorporate into your session? I love helping families make their sessions unique to them!

The Best of Both Worlds

Incorporating both lifestyle and portrait style photography into my newborn sessions requires cohesiveness. Focusing on a certain color palette and similar textures allows for a simple transition from one style to the other. Bringing the attention back to your new baby and his or her adorable newborn details during the lifestyle portion of the session also helps to better tie everything together.

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