A Sunset Surprise at the Sandwich Boardwalk

a sunset surprise at the sandwich boardwalk

A sunset surprise at the Sandwich Boardwalk was the perfect end to a great weekend! This adorable sibling trio wanted to surprise their mom with a family photoshoot, since it had been ages since they had a frame-worthy photo of the whole family. Chandler, the oldest, informed me that Jeanine might try to find out what the surprise is… so I waited in anticipation with Chandler and her sister, Lorilee, to see if the family was able to pull it off. The look of excitement on her face said it all! SURPRISE!

I’m super impressed this crew was able to pull a fast one on someone like Jeanine, who always tries to figure out the surprise. I’m right there with her. I swear my intuition is my 6th sense. Maybe Jeanine has it, too?! And, how amazing is it that they were able to get her to dress accordingly?!

The Sandwich Boardwalk is simply stunning. And, when the tide is low? Magic.

where it all began

For this family of five, magic was already created here. Rick proposed to Jeanine at the top of the walkway leading up to the beach roughly 21 years ago. Now, here we are celebrating the love that is still so very evident. The siblings were getting totally uncomfortable when I asked Rick and Jeanine to kiss, and Rick and Jeanine were loving every second of it! I told them they remind me of my parents- no shame in showing some PDA and feeling like they’re still in the honeymoon phase. As uncomfortable as I am hearing (and seeing) my parents share just how in love they are, it’s pretty wonderful that after 30 years together they still have that spark.

Cheers to love that lasts and marriages that stand the test of time!

Thank you Rick, Jeanine, Chandler, Lorilee, and Cameron! I came home with a full heart after taking little pieces of all of yours. Maybe there be a little left at the boardwalk for the next couple who falls in love. I’m wishing them a happily ever after just like this one.

with love from the lens,


  1. Jeanine Ryde says:

    Ashley! Thank you so much for an amazing night and your kind words. I was truly surprised and am so excited to have an updated photo of my wonderful family. Your pictures are amazing and you truly captured the spirit of our fun loving family. And to relive one of the best days of my life when Rick proposes to me at the same exact spot was the icing on the cake! You are so talented and kind and we will definitely be in touch to have you help us create more amazing memories ❤️

    • Ashley Spears says:

      I am so glad you love your photos!! It was such a pleasure working with all of you, and I’m looking forward to capturing more of your beautiful memories!

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