Sunset Session at Grays Beach

Sunset Session at Grays Beach

I’m in love with this sunset session at Grays Beach! This was my second time visiting Grays Beach, so I had no idea the tide went out as much as it did! It was so incredible to see people out in the middle of the water enjoying the sunset from the sandbar. What a fun way to enjoy the beach!

I joined one of my favorite families here to celebrate little Walker turning ONE! Seth’s mother and grandmother flew into town from Ohio, and I’m so glad they were able to experience this beautiful Cape Cod summer night together. We had so much fun enjoying Walker’s adorable expressions- this little guy LOVES the camera!

better together

Family is everything. So, these tiny humans need their favorite people around them as much as possible. I hurt for Mackenzie because we don’t live close enough to our extended families, with Matt’s parents and siblings living in Connecticut, Western Mass, and now D.C., and my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins all living in Florida. I’m so blessed my life brought me to this beautiful place of paradise; I’ve become a a version of myself I never thought possible, and I’ve built so many incredible friendships. However, it still would be nice to have it all. Having wings and roots sure is tough!

That’s where photoshoots like these come in to play. I know the best gift I can give our families is the gift of photos of us and our girl. I make calendars for my parents and grandparents every year for Christmas, and they love them because they get their monthly dose of Mackenzie cuteness!

I love swinging shots SO MUCH! Just look at how happy little Walker is!!

find your happy place

In short, Grays Beach is truly a special spot. The sun sets beautifully over the boardwalk, there are layers of tall, marshy grass goodness, and the most incredible view of the bay. Seth and Amanda were here when they announced to the world they were expecting, and now here we are as they celebrate their first year as parents! Indeed, this beach is becoming a place where all of their best memories are going to be made.

Thank you for a perfect sunset session at Grays Beach!

with love from the lens,


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