How To: Successful Lifestyle Newborn Session

Hi friend! So, you’re interested in a lifestyle newborn session? Lifestyle newborn sessions are wonderful because they offer the convenience of a relaxed photoshoot in your own home. This approach to newborn photography highlights the sweetest aspects of your every day life with your new little one. Note, I said the “sweetest” aspects. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all sweet in its own way, but it can also be a bit stressful. Newborn sessions take time, patience, and preparation, which if not fully prepared, can further add to the stress. That’s why I decided to compile a step-by-step guide to having a successful lifestyle newborn session. Hopefully this helps keep the process fun and stress free. Plus, your photographer will definitely thank you for making his or her life a little easier!

Let’s get started!

Step One: Know your vision

The beauty of photography is that there are so many incredible styles out there to identify with. In order to ensure images that reflect your individual style, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Do you love the look of light and airy images? Maybe you lean more towards earth tones? Do you enjoy a more relaxed look, or do you like to like to dress it up? Find what speaks to you. Pinterest is a great place to seek some insight.

Step Two: Book your photographer

Once you’ve established your style, it’s time to book your photographer! Be sure to find someone you feel you can grow with. Try searching Facebook or Instagram. Social media encourages us to share our personal lives as well as our work, so you’ll get a better feel for who your photographer is as a person. It’s easier to build a relationship with someone when you know more about them, and building a relationship with your photographer is such a special thing. It enhances the entire experience!

Step Three: Set the space

Clean, natural light is crucial for these types of sessions. Take a walk through your home and pay attention to where there is an abundance of natural light. Make a note of what time of day provides the most amount of light, as well. We want to highlight all of that “new baby love” goodness, and light is key! In addition to light, be mindful of what items are in your space. Less is more when it comes to backgrounds, so it is important to clear the potential work space of clutter. The main focus should always be my subjects, which in this case is your beautiful family! Keep in mind that bedrooms make for a beautiful space to photograph in, as they add an element of intimacy. Other popular options are the baby’s nursery and the living room. The cozier the space, the better! To enhance those cozy vibes, gather a chunky knit blanket and some sheer curtains. Lots of cohesive textures are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Step Four: Outfit Selection

When deciding what to wear for your lifestyle newborn session, you want to focus on color and texture. Whites and creams work perfectly for this type of session because you want to keep the images soft and simple. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a pop of contrast, but definitely stay away from bright colors. Dads can keep it casual and comfortable. You are at home, you know. I encourage moms to plan for one casual outfit (jeans and a plain top, or leggings and a comfy sweater) and either a flowy dress or a cute robe for a more delicate look.

Step Five: Mentally Prepare

This step may seem silly, but it’s important. Lifestyle newborn sessions take time and patience. I suggest allowing for up to two hours of session time. That’s a lot of time, I know, but just trust in the process. Don’t worry about your baby having a meltdown or needing to be fed or changed. In fact, these are all great photo opportunities!

Step Six: Enjoy

During your session, simply enjoy this beautiful time and the moments you’re turning into memories you can share with your little one as he or she grows.

with love from the lens,


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