A Cozy Cape Cod Summer at Home

A cozy cape cod summer at home

Cozy up with The Huxley’s!

Megan, Trent, and their beautiful baby girl Harper are making the most of their time at home by spending it at Megan’s family’s house in Bourne. I love my own home, and I’m sure these three love theirs. However, every now and then we all need a change of scenery to keep the cabin fever at bay. A trip to the Cape for a relaxing retreat sounds lovely to me!

This adorable Cape home is nestled in a quiet neighborhood. As I drove past the perfectly manicured lawns and houses that were carefully placed, I fell in love. The streets are wide and clean and lined with tall oak trees. The sun sets beautifully over the oaks, allowing that dreamy golden glow to peek through the leaves and create the most magical effect. If you are reading this, and you live in a neighborhood that is similar, take your family photos there! Sometimes, the perfect location is right under your nose. And, now more than ever, home is the place to be.

home is where the heart is

Megan, Trent, and Harper have spent much of Harper’s first 6 months of her life here on the Cape. This house has truly become their home away from home, and they feel it’s important to document this time. I love that they chose to do a family photoshoot. Years from now, they will look back at these photos and remember all of the joy this time brought them. They’re making the most of our current circumstance.

They’re choosing happiness.

Here’s to making our favorite memories where they matter most- at home.

This cozy Cape Cod summer at home session gives me all the feels! Thank you Megan, Trent, and Harper for a wonderful evening!

with love from the lens,


  1. […] I love that we arranged for this session to take place at Megan’s parents’ house. This is where I first met the Huxley family, almost a year ago. Megan and Trent decided to document their time at home with Harper. I think all of us should have done that. This last year was trying for sure, but I know that our time together at home only strengthened our bond and helped us make it through. It’s so sweet to be back in the house that has helped build Harper. After all, home is where the heart is. You can check out their first session here. […]

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