Family Vacay at Nauset Light Beach

Family vacay at Nauset Light Beach!

I recently drove out to my favorite part of the Cape to enjoy the waves, soak up some beautiful summer sunshine, do a little seal sighting, and photograph this awesome family. Guys, it was so much fun!

The Moore family has been vacationing to the Cape for years, and have many fond memories at their favorite beach in Eastham, MA. I can totally see why. From the minute I got out of the car and made my way over to the cliff’s edge to take in the view, I felt the magic. Nauset Light Beach is simply breathtaking; the vast stretch of sand, the beautiful aqua-blue color of the water, the rolling waves, and the tall dunes are all elements that enhance the look and feel of those Cape Cod summer beach photos that are much desired by both the locals and visitors.

What I love most about sessions at the beach is that they don’t have to be formal. In fact, they rarely are! The urge to run around and play is too great, and you know what? I encourage that! Especially, when kids are involved. My goal is always to capture genuine smiles and laughter, and I find that adding in a little fun definitely helps me achieve that goal. And to get through the posed portion of the session? Bryce and Maeve were promised ice cream! Not gonna lie, I could have totally gone for some, too! But if you know me, then you already know I am ALWAYS down for ice cream.

How adorable are these pups- Popeye, Po, and Cash?! Those three and the kids stole my heart and the show, for sure!

You’ll notice in my images where my heart lies, and it’s hands-down in the candid moments that take place during each session. The posed photos are beautiful and they are the main reason to book a family session, but the little moments that are happening while we are trying to capture the posed photos are the ones that tell your story. I imagine that the memories the Moore family has made over the years right here on this very beach looked a lot like the ones made during this shoot. And that makes my heart happy knowing I documented it all.

Thank you for a perfect summer evening, Moore family!

Enjoy the rest of your family vacay at Nauset Light Beach!

with love from the lens,


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