Girls Day at Newport Vineyards

Girls day at Newport Vineyards!

This past Sunday was spent with the girls! We shopped, we sipped, and we celebrated life and friendship as we galavanted around our favorite seaside escape- Newport, RI. The highlight of our day was soaking up the summer sunshine at the beautiful Newport Vineyards. What’s better than a glass of wine with your best girls? Um, nothing! Oh, to be laughing and mingling and tasting pure decadence among the many rows of delicious grapes- we were in heaven!

Meet the girls!

That’s me, Ashley, on the right. I am so totally awkward in front of the camera, which is crazy considering I am so in my element when I’m behind the lens instructing people on how to NOT be awkward. I love any kind of white wine, and the flavors grown in this vineyard do not disappoint! My main squeeze, Kim, is the babe in the hot pink. She’s the ultimate main squeeze- the glue that binds us all. Her drink of choice is Bud Light- gotta love her! We all peer pressured her into embracing the taste of the vineyards and she walked out with her very own bottle! So proud of her. Deanna is the gal in the middle- a blonde bombshell with a heart of gold and always up for fun. She loves wine and her mudslides! Thankfully the vineyard had those as well- well, in popsicle form! Yum! Meredith is to her left. She’s so adorable and sweet, with a surprise firecracker personality once you get to know her. I love it! Wine of any flavor, mojitos, and mudslides for this gal! Cassie is on the far left, and as the day went on I realized she may just be my soul sister; I mean we ordered the same flight of flavors. Coincidence? Anyway, this girl is as real and fun as it gets. Kim described her as the big sister she never had, and I can absolutely see her in that role for all of us.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

Newport is such an incredible place, filled with things that appeal to all of its visitors. There’s shopping, bar hopping, the Cliff Walk, mansion tours, streets that are made for long runs, beaches, boats and day cruises, great food, and beautiful charm. I may just have to come back so that I can take you on a tour through the lens. What do ya’ll think??

Who knows, you may see my girls in a few of those photos, too! We ARE planning our next trip! And, if there are any other girlfriend tribes reading this, we hope to see you on our next adventure!

When I moved to the Cape almost seven years ago, I never thought I’d be able to find a group of girls that allowed me to be unapologetically myself and that made me feel so at home in their presence. I’ve spent this whole chapter of my life searching, and I think I’ve finally found what I was looking for. This day was everything my heart needed.

sip, sip, hooray!

To fabulous friends, delicious drinks, our favorite getaway location, and memories we’ll never forget!

The ultimate girls day at Newport Vineyards!




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