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Boston Engagement Session|Summer Love in the City

First time watching the sunrise over Boston, and what a great way to kick off an engagement session. I met Emily and Justin on the Harborwalk right as the sun was rising over the skyline. I’ve lived on the Cape for over nine years now, and I can honestly say I’ve never walked the Harborwalk (although maybe I have since it’s 43 miles long) OR watched the sunrise in Boston. Big Fan. I mean just look at how stunning that golden light is! Also, the city is so beautifully quiet first thing in the morning. It was just us and the sun and the warm summer air. A Boston engagement session that captures summer love in the city is a definite must in my book!

From the Harborwalk, we made our way towards the Public Garden and onward to the Charles River Esplanade. I’ve always loved the Public Garden, but even more so this trip since there wasn’t anyone around. It’s amazing how much bigger the garden appears when your eyes aren’t caught on person after person. Just beautiful lush grass and sweeping willows. I’d never been to the Esplanade before, and I was definitely regretting my choice of footwear by this time in the session (it was QUITE a hike). Worth it, though. The Esplanade is across the river from where Justin proposed to Emily! It offers an excellent view of Cambridge and the harbor, it’s the perfect stretch of pathway to go for a walk or a run, it’s a great spot for a picnic, and it’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

Mama knows best

My session with Emily and Justin actually was booked by Emily’s mom. Emily’s family is good friends with another client family of mine, and her mom loved my work enough to want Emily’s special time captured by me. I’m flattered, of course. I love having people in my corner, hyping me up. It worked out well for our session, too, because Emily and I had a lot to talk about! We both have such a love for this other family, and it was fun learning about her friendship with them.

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